The Chalom (Dream) Series - Beit
Chalom Beit - by Adam Rhine
Watercolor on Paper

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“Every day I will bless You, and I will praise Your name forever and ever.” Tehillim/Psalm 145:2

Beit is the first letter written in the Torah. It starts the word Bereshet which means “In the beginning”. It also begins the word for blessings, berachah. We learn from this that there is a connection between beginning and blessings. The Creator of life generates life every second, therefore every moment is a new beginning, and every moment a blessing. As King David models for us, “Every day I will bless you…” Bchol yom avorecha… From this we can take on the daily practice of developing, and expressing, a positive state of awareness. G-d blesses His creation, and creates it, with the attribute of loving-kindness, the attribute of Abraham, who is entrusted, as the first Jewish soul, with the Divine power of blessing.

Having a solid foundation, the letter beit represents a house or home. Each of us can be a home for the divine and a source of blessings to the world, making it a true Home for the Divine. The value of beit is two, reminding us that the world is comprised of pairs: man and woman, day and night, holy and secular. This world of duality exists within the Source of Oneness.

May we find comfort and blessings in the place we call home, and find that which makes us complete and at peace. May we know that each breath is a new beginning and a source of blessing.

"Chalom" in Hebrew means "Dreams," like that of Yakkov Aveinu (Jacob our Father) who dreamt of angels traveling up and down a ladder between heaven and earth. The gestural qualities of these paintings explore the dreamlike spiritual qualities of the Hebrew letters.

Text by Louise Temple from the book "Hebrew Illuminations"