The Divine Soul Polyptych
The Divine Soul Polyptych

In Jewish mysticism we are taught that our purpose in life is a soul mission, to evolve into our higher selves as human beings, receptors of consciousness that emanates from the Creator of all worlds. The soul reveals the inner and invisible dimensions of life, and the body is its vehicle – some say its clothing. When we allow this inner entity to direct the body, we bring spirituality into the physical world and elevate it. This dynamic interaction is described in the writings of the 18th century Italian kabbalist, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, and is the source of inspiration for the artist, Adam Rhine:

“Even though this divine soul is often referred to as a single entity, it actually consists of a number of parts on different levels. We can therefore say that there are actually a number of souls, bound together like links in a chain. Just as all these links comprise a single chain, so do all these levels of the soul constitute a single entity, which is called the divine soul.” (The Way of God, 3:1:4)

There are five levels of the soul, or God-consciousness, that correspond to the five realms of reality, sometimes called “worlds”, through which life comes into substantial existence and through which the soul descends into the body. In this way, the human being embodies all of creation, from the highest spirituality to the most mundane physicality. We are thus grounded in the earthly realm with our Roots in the supernal. The divine soul is inseparably bound to God. “This influence exists throughout all the periods of man’s existence, varying with his relationship and link with the highest forces.” (The Way of God, 3:1:2) Thus the soul’s mission gravitates to seek union with the Infinite Light.

Original works are available to collectors, as are limited edition giclee prints. Contact the artist, Adam Rhine, for details.

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