The Divine Soul Polyptych - Nefesh
Nefesh - by Adam Rhine
Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Arches Watercolor Paper, 21" x 21"

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The divine soul is bound to the body through the nefesh, or animal soul (common to all living creatures according to their species), that enters at birth and parts with a person at death. The nefesh is the life force of the body, linked to the blood “and transmitted through the genetic material at the time of conception.” (The Way of God, 3:1:3)

It informs and animates the physical, autonomous, and psychological functions of the human being. In the associated realm of action, a person’s level of awareness of their divine Roots, will determine their response to the body’s drives and demands. This, in turn, influences the individual’s freedom to choose deeds as divine service throughout their lifetime, in order to create a relationship with higher levels of consciousness.

Messages from the higher levels of the soul to the animal soul can be transmitted as thoughts, dreams and images. Thus, it behooves us to listen to, and be guided by, the divine wisdom of the body.

Text by Louise Temple from the calendar "Hebrew Illuminations"