Illuminated Psalm 115:1
Illuminated Psalm 115:1 - by Adam Rhine
Acrylic, Watercolor, and Colored Pencil on Arches Watercolor Paper

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"Not for our sake, Source of life, not for our sake, but to Your Name give glory for the sake of Your kindness and Your truth." Tehillim/Psalm 115:1

With prophetic insight into past and future history, King David understood human frailty and the supreme kindness of the Creator who never gives up on His children, even when we transgress. However much we might accomplish in this world, when we deflect praise and glory from ourselves and place it where it belongs, we are coming closer to realizing our true purpose here. When we honor and acknowledge God’s mastery and dominion over all things, our divine souls rise to a state of pure joy.

This is the ultimate reward for our efforts. A feeling of rightful dignity comes when we remember that all we have is given to us — all possessions, attributes and
achievements — and we thank and honor the One who emanates all this.

This month when we feel righteous or powerful, let’s try to remember to give thanks. If we have moments of feeling down, let’s praise the Creator for the daily kindnesses we are given as ongoing tokens of love. Offering praise and glory to the Creator is the holy fuel of the universe — it makes the world go around!

Text by Louise Temple from the 2012 calendar "Illuminated Psalms"