Illuminated Psalm 147:3-6
Illuminated Psalm 147:3-6 - by Adam Rhine
Acrylic, Watercolor, and Colored Pencil on Arches Watercolor Paper

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"He is the Healer of the broken-hearted, and the One who binds up their sorrows. He counts the number of the stars, to all of them He assigns names. Great is our Creator and abundant in strength; His understanding is beyond calculation." Tehillim/Psalm 147:3-6

Imagine if everyone on earth cried out in joyful unison, “Thank you, Creator!” The world would be transformed! God is our Maker, Shepherd and Protector, and each of us has a divine soul that is deeply cherished. His Ownership of us is our true identity.

King David teaches that expressing gratitude is the key to a happy and healthy life. True service derives from acknowledging our Creator in everything we have and everything we do, and in treating our world as the sacred ground of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Let us be thankful each day for the great and small things we are given. This restores the balance of giving and receiving in our lives. And just as the Shepherd looks after each of His sheep, let us care for each other.

At every entrance, at every new beginning and at each moment of enlightenment, let us stop to bless and thank our Maker, knowing that everything comes from Him, and that we have divine purpose. Thank You!

Text by Louise Temple from the 2011 calendar "Illuminated Psalms"