Illuminated Psalm  16:5, 11
Illuminated Psalm 16:5, 11 - by Adam Rhine
Acrylic, Watercolor, and Colored Pencil on Arches Watercolor Paper

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"You guide my destiny. You will make known to me the path of life, the fullness of joy in Your Presence." Tehillim/Psalm 16:5,11

Each soul is part of a vast Intelligence, guided by a Mighty Conductor who intimately knows each instrument of His orchestra. King David sings of the path of life that is revealed when we remain present to Presence and open to the signposts along the way. As we believe in our Creator’s loving care for each of His creations, so do we surrender to what we now understand to be His guidance.

Only in deeply aligned faith and trust that everything is ultimately for the good of all, does joy spring forth like a fountain.

We all long for guidance in the confusion of this world. Let us take comfort in the psalmist’s words and know that there is a divine plan for each of us. Breathe silence and peace into your inner sanctuary and restore your soul with this lovingkindness.
Now listen to the voice of your deepest truth. The Presence of God is a breath away for each of us to choose.

Text by Louise Temple from the 2011 calendar "Illuminated Psalms"