Aleinu - It is Our Duty
Aleinu - by Adam Rhine
Watercolor and Colored Pencil on Board

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“It is our duty to praise the Master of all creation.” The Aleinu, Traditional Prayer

Written by the prophet Joshua after the fall of the city of Jerecho, the Aleinu prayer is said at the conclusion of all three daily services, every day of the year. It declares the sovereignty of The Lord, the Creator of all existence, and our responsibility to give praise. It is recided standing up as we declare our faith, our fear, and our awe.

Aleinu has always evoked feelings of strength from within me. Declaring faith before G-d is empowering and complex, hence the strong, vivid colors and spiraling interplay of shapes. As our devotion eminates from the center, the Ayin Tov is watching.

Text by Louise Temple from the book "Hebrew Illuminations"