Magen David Ayin
Magen David Ayin - by Adam Rhine
Watercolor, Ink, and Colored Pencil on Board

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“The eyes of all look to You with hope, and You provide them with their food in its proper time.” Tehillim/Psalm 145:14

This painting emerged from a formless place, without words. The ayin is a silent letter, being a servant of the vowel sound it carries. It means “eye,” which is a metaphor for Hashem watching over us, seeing our pure thoughts not clothed in words.

The concept of ayin sof is Kabbalistic for the “great nothingness” or the unknowable Lord. When we annihilate our egos, so to speak, and return to “nothingness,” then the Cause of everything can come forth. In this way it signifies the fullness of being that transcends being itself, for in this way we can reflect Divine Being.

And because G-d’s true nature is beyond our written or visual understanding, I have chosen a limited and subdued palette of colors to set up a vibration and a rotation around the center letter, ayin. I have attempted to express the paradox of the formless within form itself.

Text by Louise Temple from the book "Hebrew Illuminations"