Isaiah the Prophet
Isaiah - by Adam Rhine
Gouache and Colored Pencil on Canson Toned Paper

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For just as the rain and snow descend from heaven and will not return there, rather it waters the earth and causes it to produce and sprout, and gives seed to the grower and food to the eater, so shall be my word that emanates from My mouth, it will not return to Me unless it has accomplished what I desired and brought success where I sent it.” Yishyah/Isaiah 55:10

From 619-533 B.C.E., Yishyahu was a prophet and poet for the Judean nobility. Many of his prophecies unfolded during his lifetime, and we still await his others of final Redemption to come true. However, he is clear in his writings that this will not come about with insincerity and empty prayers to G-d. Only through purity and holiness will it arrive.

Text from the calendar "Hebrew Illuminations"