Moshe - Moses
Moshe - by Adam Rhine
Colored Pencil on Canson Textured Paper

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Never again has there arisen in Israel a prophet like Moshe, whom Hashem had known face-to-face, as evidenced by all the signs and wonders that Hashem sent him to perform in the land of Egypt, against Pharaoh and all his courtiers and all his land, and by all the strong hand and awesome power that Moshe performed before the eyes of all Yisrael. Devarim/Deuteronomy 34:10

From the moment he spoke to The Lord at the Burning Bush, Moshe stayed in constant communication with Him until his passing at age 120. The entire book of Devarim/Deuteronomy is Moshe’ speech to the nation of Yisrael, filled with prophecies of disaster and redemption, curses and blessings.

Text from the calendar "Hebrew Illuminations"