Tal - The Dew
Tal - by Adam Rhine
Watercolor and Colored Pencil on Board

For more information about this painting, email the artist at adam@hebrewart.com

“Dew - let it drop sweetly on the blessed land, with the delicacies of heaven sate us with blessing, to enlighten us from amid the darkness...” Traditional Prayer for Dew

On the first day of Pesach, we pray to G-d for dew. The droplets, which remind us of the miracle of creation every morning, represent renewal and rebirth, teaching us never to take any blessing for grated, however small, like the dew on the earth. As the dew descends before dawn, it is a metaphor for the hidden secrets of the Torah.

The pencil sketch fo rthis design was the second Magen David shape I ever put to paper. It sat in my sketchbook for over four years, not having a theme, until davening (praying) on Pesach morning. When the chazan (leader of the prayers) loudly chanted “Tal!" this design surfaced strongly in my memory, and the two were united.

I now knew what the circles were in the four quadrants, and what their relationship was as dewdrops to the leaves in the center. The “Back of G-d” was again felt, in Hashem's own timing, by a gift of simple inspiration I will value forever.

Text by Louise Temple from the book "Hebrew Illuminations"