The Zohar
Zohar - by Adam Rhine
Watercolor and Colored Pencil on Board

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“...The secret of Hashem (above) is One and His name (the manifestation of His Kingship below) is One.” The Zohar, Terumah 163-6

The Zohar, “splendor” or “radiance,” is one of the central books of Jewish mysticism, bein a commentary on the soul of the Torah. It presents Judaism as an intensely vital religion of the spirit, a holy fire, as it were.

The Zohar stresses that the spiritual forces above depend for their activity on the influences from below, that is, human thought, speech, and action. Thus the thrust of my design depicts the intertwining of red flames from below with blue flames from above, as heaven and earth embrace.

Text by Louise Temple from the book “Hebrew Illuminations”