The Matzofim (Floating) Series

In between my measured, geometric Magen David illuminations and the free-flowing, expressive watercolors of my Chalom series, I found myself producing organic “floating” stars.

I find them very relaxing to produce, as they pop out occasionally during my sketching sessions. For some reason I turn out a lot of them when vacationing and drawing outdoors. The themes I eventually wed them to are about simchot (joyous celebrations) and positive emotional experiences.

The series has just begun, and G-d willing, we'll see where it goes.

Original works are available to collectors, as are limited edition giclee prints. Contact the artist, Adam Rhine, for details.

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Matzofim - Floaters

Aish HaTorah - The Fire of The Torah
Aish HaTorah
HaVazelet HaSharon - The Rose Among Thorns
HaVazelet HaSharon
Or HaTorah - The Light of The Torah
Or Torah
Shirat HaYam - The Song at the Sea
Shirat HaYam
Bechi v'LaBoker Renah - But with Dawn - A Cry of Joy
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