Scenes from a Sketchbook

For over fourteen years now, I’ve spent my early mornings, late nights, and every available minute on Sunday’s to paint. My full-time career takes care of my parnasah (living expenses), but only my Judaica works in watercolor and colored pencil take care of my neshamah (Jewish soul).

The ability to bring some beauty into the world that G-d has given us is an honor, and the opportunities I’ve been given to share my works have all been wonderful blessings.

Every Judaica design that I have done started as a tiny spark of inspiration, captured in a 1" by 1" ball point pen doodle, usually on a stick-it note, a junk mail envelope, or the back of old paperwork. I collect these thousands of scribbles glued at random into my sketchbook.

Weeks, months, or even years later, one of these miniature abstracts will jump out from my sketchbook's page and, after 40 or so hours of work, become one of my finished watercolor paintings or colored pencil illuminations.

It is my deepest wish that everyone can find a tiny spark of inspiration of their own in the designs I’ve presented, and praise the G-d of Israel, the One true source of holiness and blessings.

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Scenes from a Sketchbook